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REPORT: How To Find Value Of Circular Impact In Business

Can businesses make sustainable choices if they only measure impact in financial terms—excluding the social and environmental consequences of their practices? 📈

The newest white paper by Circle Economy’s Coalition Circular Accounting* explores this question, urging companies, investors, accountants and policymakers to change the way they view impact reporting. When we base decisions on numbers, we only manage what’s measured. To truly change the way we do business, circular impact needs to explicitly inform management and drive financial decision making.

And what’s more, circular impact can also be used as a powerful communication tool: if made accessible to all, it can convince stakeholders of the added value of reporting.

Curious to read more? Download the paper here via our friends at @circleeconomy

*The Coalition Circular Accounting has been founded by the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA) and Circle Economy to create solutions to overcome financial, accounting and legal barriers to circularity.“

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