The Global Fashion Exchange and The Canvas have partnered to develop the first brick and mortar Swap Shop in NYC. The idea is simple, drop your clothes off to receive points that can be redeemed at the Swap Shop at The Canvas any time. With a constant stream of fantastic fashions coming in every week in partnership with Goodwill NYNJ the swapping never stops!

132 Bedford Ave Tue - Sun 12-8pm

*Please Note: If temperatures are below freezing access to the Swap Shop is by the side door


The Swap Shop creates cultural events and educates through art, music, + fashion using the US Sustainable Development Goals as our guide. Check out the action below!

SoFar Sounds

SoFar Sounds

Shhhh… We have to keep the gigs secret but…

The Canvas and Swap Shop host regular SoFar Sounds at the space, we hope to see you at one soon!

GFX Presents Sea of Ruin by Hank Bamberger at the Canvas NYC

GFX Presents Sea of Ruin by Hank Bamberger at the Canvas NYC

April 19th 7-9.30 pm

The Mission: Inspiring people to act through a cultivation of awareness and understanding.

In receiving the treacherous news, ingesting the sick and chaos from the world above, Amphitrite and her children are driven to madness, losing all control and sense of identity. The sea is in peril and so too, its magnificent creatures.