2019 Resolutions

Before the holidays you guys gave GFX some amazing suggestions about sustainable resolutions for 2019 so I have written them up to give all of you some end of winter inspiration!

Eat Local

grown in usa

Pretty easy, but eat locally! Check out all the fruit and veg you buy in the store and see if it is USA grown, if not grown in your own state or town! Check out a farmers market, even if you are a millennial and can barely afford an avocado (like me) its a great way to meet the local farmers and maybe score some free tasters!

Work From Home At Least One Day a Week

I can get behind that! Who doesn’t love an easy 5-minute commute from your bed to your desk? Plus you have cheap coffee at your fingertips! But really working from home can cut down your carbon footprint, especially if a lot of us did it, think about how much rush hour traffic we can eliminate! Yay!

Go Vegan...or At Least Vegetarian

I mean who doesn’t love going out to dinner with a vegan…

Probably the biggest fact to come out in the past few years is that the farming and meat industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, so get on that veggie wagon and go vegan or just start as a vegetarian!


Combine a few NYE resolutions

Its the newest thing from Sweden, pick up trash while you run. Super simple, as you run you also pick up litter. Its a great combination to pick up some cardio, work on your squat technic and help the environment! Can you say win, win, win!

Ride a Bike to Work

or just ride a bloody bike

Like working from home it is all about lowering that carbon footprint, so try riding a bike to work. Don’t stop there keep biking! Bike to the farmer’s market, bike to the gym, bike to your fave vegan restaurant, the road is literally the limit! At the same time you will be beating your fit bit and we love being efficient!

Grow Your Own Veggie Patch & Share With Your Friends

I liked this resolution a lot, could I do it, no, I kill succulents. But still, the idea of getting into your green thumb, growing a veggie patch and then trading it with your neighbors is fun! With so much tech in the world it's sweet to go back to something simple and wholesome. Why not make a meal out of it? Combine your veggies into a delicious Sunday ratatouille, and then please invite me!


This is actually my New Years Resolution, after spending time in Denver where the city composts to moving to NYC where I’m not even sure if the city recycles, I want to compost more. I wrote a previous blog post about composting in NYC and other major world cities. But really I am working to find the closest spot where I can take my food scraps to improve my green responsibility in such a big city.

say no to plastic

Ditch More Plastic

We’ve all been banning straws, coffee cups, plastic bags, water bottles etc, but let’s do more. Let’s stop using all of the above by not just one or two. If you already do that and are an epic eco-warrior, I salute you, but let’s cut out more. Let’s ditch plastic wrap, plastic packaging, plastic baggies, plastic beer rings, you don’t have to go zero waste but let’s get close to it!

Take the Train Not the Plane

Maybe more for the EU but Amtrack take notes!

Unfortunately trains in Australia, the USA, and mostly every continent is not as fantastic as Europe’s, but when you can take the train over the plane! If this just is not something you think applies to you fair enough, look at it a bit differently, a lot comes in by plane, clothes, and food being one thing. As I mentioned eating locally grown food cuts down on using planes to transport it. Fast fashion too uses planes to transport, that is why they can have such a fast turnaround, so buy from a brand that uses ships or trains to transport stock (basically any brand that is not fast fashion).