Phluid Project: To Challenge Boundaries with Humanity

The hottest store in NYC is not a minimalist Swedish design house, but a store in NoHo dedicated to celebrating what makes us different and challenging social binary restrictions. Part community space, part store, part experiential, and completely discrimination and gender- free!

GFX has recently teamed up with Phluid Project as part of ‘Phriendsgiving Week’! We are so excited to work with an organization that supports gender fluidity and self-exploration, a cause close to our hearts! We are recycling and up cycling your used clothing and textiles! Head into their store at 684 Broadway in NoHo to give back to sustainable fashion.

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Since it was founded 2017 the Phluid Project has been featured in high profile press like Teen Vogue, Paper, The New York Times and L’Officiel. The store stocks products from brands that offer gender free products like Fila, Le Spec, Dr. Martins, to Chromat and Fluide cosmetics. Don’t be fooled by the shop front and talk of stock, The Phluid Project is not just retail. There is a coffee shop and a community space on the level below to encourage community engagement, collaboration and just get those creative juices flowing!

I want to give young people a safe space to truly express themselves.’ Founder Rob Smith

Phluid Project is part of a shift in society as young people and millennials are choosing to live a freer and different life from the generations before them. The Phluid Project wants to support and amplify these courageous free thinkers by offering a space for self-expression and discovery. Their Mission Statement is ‘To Challenge Boundaries with Humanity’, and they have set out to do just that!

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It all started when, the founder, Rob Smith took his 30 years of experience in merchandising and his work with the Hetrick Martin Institute to combine them all into the Phluid Project.

Rob was an executive at Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret and has extensive experience in the fashion industry and knows that world upside down and right side up. He started Phluid as a way for anyone and everyone who wants to explore their authenticity, as a place where you can truly be yourself. As he says he ‘l've always wanted to create spaces for you people to really be themselves… I want to give young people a safe space to truly express themselves.’

As the Phluid Project continues to grow they hope to continue to expand through their website, which is part retail, part conversation and like the store is a place for connection and exploration. Check out their website, or see their store in person, to see how you can be inspired!