The Model Mafia is the Coolest Club You Just Heard About

An organized collective of fabulous people? I know my invite was lost in the mail….

Have you heard about the Model Mafia? It is a group of extraordinary people, but unfortunately they don’t run the fashion industry…yet. They are fabulous models and industry activists that also happen to be very beautiful. They use their influence in fashion to fight for ethical and environmental practices in the industry. Yess hunnies use those cheekbones to cut through red tape!

This is not something I made up just to finally combine my love of being beautiful and getting attention for the right cause, but a really cool cause. Net-a-Porter did an amazing write up and feature of the models looking gorgeous (of course).

Global fashion exchange is working with the Model Mafia to put on a fantastic Swap + Rally as part of the Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week April 23rd in Union Square! Since then we have learned so much about their organization and have a few quotes from the legends who will be there!

The Model Mafia was originally formed as a safe place for models to gather and share their experiences without fear. It has since become a community of around 250 models from all around the world. We work on different activations together to create change within the fashion industry and beyond. For example, for one of our first projects as a group, we traveled from NYC to DC to protest in the People’s Climate March together. 

Brana Dane 

“The Model Mafia believes in the power of individuals to be a catalyst for change. As models, we have a platform and we are consciously choosing to use this platform to support the causes we believe in. When we unite on an issue the results are staggering. Sustainability and eco-friendly fashion is in our DNA. That is why we are so happy to be involved with GFX and Fashion Revolution for Earth Day. “ 

“My eyes were first opened to the extent of the damage that the fashion industry has on our environment when I attended the premier of The True Cost. I was convinced that a change needed to be made, but as an individual model working in the industry, I didn’t know where to begin. Luckily, I soon met a group of models whose perspective and passions closely aligned with mine – we became the Model Mafia.” 

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Paradis Winslet

“I care about our planet and above all I think it’s important that we treat Mother Nature with respect and care, otherwise we risk being the victims of our own making. And so, in my small way I would like to lend a hand and be part of the voices that are calling for change and action for global warming.”

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Kaye Li Taylor

"It's pretty simple, ignoring climate change results in the death of my future and yours. "

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Britt Bergmeister

“Having lived in New York for the past seven years, I have become extremely aware of my carbon footprint and how I can make a change. From the amount of taxis I was taking to castings to the waste as a result of the fashion industry I work in, I began to realize that I was a lot more part of the problem than I thought I was and have made many adjustments in the way I live to ensure I’m a bigger part of the solution. Having Earth Day (which I truly believe should be everyday) is a constant reminder of how we can be better. It’s no longer a nice idea to live consciously, it’s a necessity and Earth Day helps us celebrate this idea!”

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Dominyka Bernes

“There simply is nothing more important than the health of our family and that can only sustain if the health of our Mother Earth is taken care of first. We are all connected and we are all affected. We are one. So let’s care for her now individually and together.”

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Renee Elizabeth Peters

“Whenever I am in nature I feel calm and at peace, while at the same time excited to learn and explore. There is a unique sense of immediate awe and profound happiness that I get from being around trees, plants, and animals even in cities like NYC. That spark of joy is something that I have always felt inspired to work with. As I got older and I began to learn that these things were being destroyed and ever-more at risk, I knew I was going to dedicate my life to trying to protect them.

Once I learned how horrible the fashion industry was for the environment, I decided to pivot from being a model and to use my social platforms to share more about that. I’m not a martyr for individual perfection, however, because yes... individual efforts can make an impact, and if we are privileged enough to make better choices than we should… but by placing all of our attention on individual actions, we often fail to advocate for the real systematic changes that have to/ should have been implemented a long time ago.

I love using my platform to encourage my followers to hold corporations accountable for shifting their extremely harmful/ exploitative practices, and to try and make sustainable-living more accessible for people regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds by doing so.”

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