GFX Gift Guide

It is that time of year again! We love the holiday season, hello presents and eggnog! However, we at GFX also dread it, it is such a drag thinking of gift ideas for your friends and family, not to mention the 25% more waste we produce from Thanksgiving to New Years!

So we at GFX have come up with a sustainable holiday gift guide for 2018! 12 gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones, or give to yourself because you deserve it too!

Send a Girl to School

Give the gift that keeps on giving, think about donating to a nonprofit as a gift instead of purchasing more things. One of our favorite organizations is Heifer International which has many options so you can give to a cause that is right for you. You can send a girl to school or give a family a goat. These simple gifts can change peoples lives, isn’t that point of this holiday season?

Genusee Sunnies

We have been raving about this brand, but we can’t get enough! Mostly because we love seeing a practical use of recycled plastic, and on top that they are part of the circular economy. We have just restrained ourselves a pair in each color. A perfect gift for a recycle geek in your life!

GFX Toolkit

If you want something different instead of secret Santa, or start a New Year’s Resolution, try the GFX Toolkit! (We strongly endorse it...of course) Host your own swap with your friends, or make new ones and host a swap in your city!

Museum Pass

Think about giving a membership to your special someone’s favorite museum! There are too many to choose from! There is art, culture, nature, science, pretty much something for everyone. We always suggest the MET and the V&A as go-tos. Some memberships have added bonuses like the Whitney gives you a discount to restaurants and boutiques around NYC. Check out a museum near you to see their local deals!

Sewing Lessons

A necessity for any true fashionista! It is a life skill to be able to sew buttons back on, or mend a seam, or take up a hem, or take in a seam! The possibilities are pretty endless when you add another skill under your belt. There are other classes and skills to brush up on like, painting, coding or graphic design. Local universities and community centers often offer classes taught by amazing professionals!

Will & Bear Hat

Let out the inner wanderlust with Will & Bear Hats, designed for the road! Developed while traveling Australia in a Kombi van four years ago, Will & Bear has become the status symbol for any true traveler. Bonus, they plant 10 trees for every hat sold as part of their partnership with Plant a Forest Project. It’s like you are giving back to the Earth with every gift!

Sustainable Cooking Class 

If we really want to get sentimental this season, cook something sustainable for that special someone! There are options available in every major city! NYC has Haven’s Kitchen, London has the Cookery School, and LA has Radical Cooks. If you are traveling these holidays have a Google to see if there are any local cooking classes, bring back more than just souvenirs!

Rise & Resist

Join Clare Press as she travels the globe to speak with eco-warriors, zero wasters, feminists, and positive change makers. It definitely gives you the motivation to get moving and shaking with the counterculture in 2019!

Alder Skin Care

Keep it simple and give uncomplicated holistic skin care. Alder started in 2016 and has since then kept a simple range of fantastic products perfect for any skin. They stay away from all dirty ingredients, including silicon, formaldehyde, and animal testing (including refusing to sell to countries that require it). We suggest their travel set, it has kept us looking fresh from our travels!

A Plant

You can never have enough plants. It’s perfect for the millennial in your life that has no room for anything else in their apartment!

Regeneration Mag

A mag all about sustainability! Get a little bit more personal with climate activists with the Regeneration Mag. They have a holiday special to get their Issues 2, 3 and 4, and hear the stories from sustainable fashion to politics, to science and art. Get to know the issues a little bit better and feel inspired in the new year!

Amour Vert Knits

Amour Vert has made it easy to find a gift for any sustainable trendsetter, they have holiday gift sets this season. Made in America and from soft sustainable fabrics like Beechwood modal, their knits are perfect for any weather, but we will take Christmas as another reason to buy!