Binning it Just Doesn't Cut It

We all love Sweetgreens! We love their sustainable initiatives but when you throw it away where does it all go?

If you don’t know Sweetgreens it is a salad phenomenon that has swept the East Coast, USA. And if you have not seen the salad craze you must be familiar with the farm to table/organic/relatively healthy cafes that have popped up all over the world. Popular with office workers and commuters alike for their variety and ability to be healthy at the same time. Sweetgreens specifically is applauded for the sustainability initiatives. They are trying to reduce food waste, encouraging composting, and use biodegradable packaging.

The New York Times recently looked into how this has encouraged a change in consumer behavior. As they discovered as fantastic as Sweetgreen’s initiative to use compostable packaging, no one composts it.

In places like Denver, San Francisco, and Toronto, there are city and government programs to pick up compost from your house, but in big cities like NYC there are certain places to go to drop off your compost. I have rounded up some great organizations that help you compost in cities from London to Mumbai!

Grow NYC

Provides free tools and education services for New Yorkers, promoting and providing free tools for everyone to use. They have food drop off points to recycle all over the city, check out their website to find out more!

LA Compost

On the opposite coast, LA Compost has built hubs across LA in parks, schools, gardens, and office buildings to support disposing of food waste. They have drop off points from Marina del Ray to Chinatown!

West London Waste

Similar to LA and NYC West London Waste provide facilities for the six West London boroughs. They also advertise where to drop off compost and household waste in London.

Melbourne Compost Revolution

Is supported by the City of Melbourne and is a program encouraging composting at home! They provide the equipment and skills to set up a successful compost bin or worm farm. Check them out in Australia! This program also runs nationwide.

Daily Dump Mumbai

It isn’t city or government run the Daily Dump offers products and the tools needed to compost! They offer a range of equipment for the home or for communities, see what they offer in India and continue to reduce pollution.

Composting is beyond helpful in the fight against climate change. It enriches the soil, encourages breaking down or organic material, reduces methane emissions from the landfills and lowers your carbon footprint. We should all be striving to do it if we live in cities or towns, apartments or houses, composting can be done in every environment with the right stuff!