Get to know: Ethical Fashion Initiative


A ground breaking organization connecting artisans from the developing world to the international value chain of fashion. In doing so, the Ethical Fashion Initiative harnesses fashion as a vehicle for development. Artisans can change their lives for the better by manufacturing luxury value-added ethical fashion products for top fashion designers.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative is a strong supporter of the African fashion industry’s potential for growth. The Ethical Fashion Initiative works with the rising generation of fashion talent from Africa and encourages the forging of ethical, sustainable and creative collaborations with artisans from the continent.

Working with top fashion houses and the growing African fashion brands, the Ethical Fashion Initiative is actively involved in and encourages the building of a more ethical and responsible fashion industry.

As a United Nations initiative, all our work is evaluated through an Impact Assessment tool to ensure that the Ethical Fashion Initiative project continues to bring positive impact and tangible results to the communities it works with.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative was founded by Simone Cipriani in 2009 and is a flagship programme of the International Trade Centre, a joint agency of the United Nations and World Trade Organization.


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