The Global Fashion Exchange comprises a team experts across sustainability, retail and technology. Our consulting division creates  custom supply chain strategies, marketing communications platforms and brand experiences that have positive impact on people, planet and your business. 

We activate on a global and local level. Our deep relationships with the leaders in the fashion industry and ethical fashion space help advise and amplify our programs. The Global Fashion Exchange community, of over 100,000 consumers and social influencers, are highly engaged in our sustainability initiatives, sharing messages and taking positive action.



The Problem: Where do we start? 

It's important to know where you are at in the process. Many companies have the desire to "do better" but aren't sure where to begin or what story they want to tell. 


The Solution: Customized roadmap

Our team conducts an internal brand analysis, consumer research and competitive intel to assess market opportunities. After understanding and sharing where a company falls on the sustainability "spectrum," we empower your brand by creating a strategic approach and key metrics to create positive change.  


Create Change: Go-To-Market Plan

With over 10 years of experience working with iconic global brands to disruptive start-ups, our team develops and executes insight-driven, creative plans that uniquely differentiates you in the market and influences customers to take action. 


Transparency: Measure success and tell the story. 

You want to know that what you are investing in is making a difference. It's also an important part of your communications strategy. Our team helps track benchmarks and create authentic ways to inform consumers of the positive actions you're taking to improve the business and the industry. 

Supply Chain 

From hoe to hangar or seed to table, we can help.  

Our partner, Sourcemap, is a secure and cloud-based, supply chain visualization tool lets you gather supply network data from across your organization and store it in one place, allowing you to quickly see what you know and what you don't. GFX and source map can help you better understand and communicate your impact by tracing every product from the raw material to the finished good.